Subtitles Talk (2022)

Links from our GCAP 2022 and Games UX Summit 2022 talks on subtitles.

First, we highly recommend Ian Hamilton’s GDC talk:

We’d also recommend the Game Maker’s Toolkit video on Making Games Better for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

Beyond this, here’s some great links on the topic:

Writing, Workflow, and Game Design — NZGDC22

Here’s the links from our panel at NZGDC 2022! We’ll post the video here when it’s available.

  • Tracery — A grammar based text generator.
  • Blabbeur — A grammar based text generator inspired by Tracery but designed to be embedded into Unity.
  • Inform — An interactive fiction programming language, great for making those “HEAD NORTH” style IF games.
  • Ink User Guide — A literal book written by the Inkle team, good stuff.
  • Yarn Spinner VS Code Extension — Provides full integration of Yarn language and your C# Unity project into VS Code.
  • Fungus — A narrative all-in-one game tool for Unity. Maybe unmaintained?
  • Unreal Conversation System
  • Narrascope 2022 Conference — A narrative games focussed conference, talks covering the entire gamut of this topic.
  • Hannah Nicklin’s Book — A book on all aspects of game writing by one of the best games writers in the business.
  • Narrative Instruments — The paper which coined and defined the term narrative instruments.

We also delivered a panel at NZGDC 2021 called “What’s the story with narrative game development?”

Jon also gave a GDC talk on turning your writers into programmers by grey boxing narratives.

You can also find all of us on Twitter!

And of course @YarnSpinnerTool!

🎬 Entity Component Systems

Entity Component Systems (ECS) and You: They’re Not Just For Game Developers from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019, in New York City. We’re scheduled to give an updated version of this talk at the Software Architecture Conference 2020, also in New York City.

⚠️ The slides from the slightly newer version of this talk (Software Architecture Conference 2020 in New York City) are now available!

Below are some of our favourite links relating to ECS. We hope you find them useful!

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