Writing, Workflow, and Game Design — NZGDC22

Here’s the links from our panel at NZGDC 2022! We’ll post the video here when it’s available.

  • Tracery — A grammar based text generator.
  • Blabbeur — A grammar based text generator inspired by Tracery but designed to be embedded into Unity.
  • Inform — An interactive fiction programming language, great for making those “HEAD NORTH” style IF games.
  • Ink User Guide — A literal book written by the Inkle team, good stuff.
  • Yarn Spinner VS Code Extension — Provides full integration of Yarn language and your C# Unity project into VS Code.
  • Fungus — A narrative all-in-one game tool for Unity. Maybe unmaintained?
  • Unreal Conversation System
  • Narrascope 2022 Conference — A narrative games focussed conference, talks covering the entire gamut of this topic.
  • Hannah Nicklin’s Book — A book on all aspects of game writing by one of the best games writers in the business.
  • Narrative Instruments — The paper which coined and defined the term narrative instruments.

We also delivered a panel at NZGDC 2021 called “What’s the story with narrative game development?”

Jon also gave a GDC talk on turning your writers into programmers by grey boxing narratives.

You can also find all of us on Twitter!

And of course @YarnSpinnerTool!

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